Carina Lyn Roselli
CPT (Army Ret.)

A lawyer who finds their smallest viable audience—that group of people big enough to sustain them and who they can obsess about—will be happier and more successful than the average lawyer.

Seth Godin



I am focused on you.
I limit the number of clients I accept and I don’t outsource anything. You and I will work together to achieve your goals without your having to deal with the confusion of other staff members or an overextended and distracted attorney.
I keep my clients “in the know” about the status of their matters. You and I will discuss how much communication you would appreciate so that we can sync our expectations of each other.
Integrity is an ethos of all military officers. It is core to our training and the way we live our lives. I strive to be ethical, trustworthy, and honest in all of my relationships, and the Virginia Bar Association’s Rules of Professional conduct demand it.
I accept nothing less than professional excellence from myself as I meet your needs. That includes excellence in my legal skills, due diligence, and customer service.

I want to get to know YOU.

I want you to get to know ME.

Before offering my services in Legacy, Trusts & Estate Planning and Equine Legal & Business Services, I dabbled in some other things…
I deployed to Iraq in 2009 as an Army helicopter pilot. While I was flying over the barren, cracked earth of the country’s southern region, I was saddened to learn that the land below me was once the largest marshland in the world—the literal Garden of Eden.
Decades of war had destroyed the environment, intentionally and unintentionally, and the native people that once lived there in the hundreds of thousands were now merely hundreds. I originally became a lawyer because I wanted to protect those people, their heritage, and the environment from the scourge of war.
In 2010, I transitioned to the Army National Guard to pursue law and master’s degrees at Vermont Law School and Yale School of the Environment, respectively. I focused my studies on environmental human rights in conflict zones (see media and publications below).
During this time, I also attended the Army’s Instructor Course where I became adept at explaining complex principles in understandable ways. I then served as Lead Instructor of the Vermont Army National Guard’s Officer Candidate School where I taught, advised, and developed students in military leadership and ethical decision making.
During my summers, I worked on the Iraq desk at the US Department of State and was a Yale Scholar at Nature Iraq, a non-government organization in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq. Later, the United Nations recruited me to help develop international laws that protect the environment pre-, during, and post-war. I presented Iraq as a case study and served as the working group’s military advisor.
When that work concluded, I went back on active duty. Shortly thereafter, I got sick. It meant I could never fly for the Army again. If I wanted to continue serving, I had to find a desk job—fortunately, I was already a lawyer. I transitioned to the Army JAG Corps’ new Special Victims Counsel advocating for victims of military sexual assault.
Unfortunately, my medical condition progressed to the point where I was no longer a deployable soldier and I had to medically retire after 17 years of service. This also meant that my ultimate goal of traveling to war-torn countries for environmental human rights work was inadvisable. Suddenly, I wasn’t in the Army anymore and I wasn’t to become the lawyer I’d imagined I’d be. I had to find a whole new purpose.
Through all of this, I’ve been a lifelong equestrian. I’m a 3rd generation horsewoman who started working in barns at age 11 for $2.50/hour and ring time. Fast forward a decade or two and I brought two horses to college in 2001, another to flight school in 2006, leased horses around going to war in 2009, rescued my draft horse in 2016, and published the national equestrian magazine EQuine AMerica from 2018 to 2021 (now owned by StreamHorseTV).
Being an attorney who has worked in several barns; bought, sold, leased, and rescued horses; and created, developed, and sold an equestrian business; my personal and professional experiences make me particularly aware of the legal issues that amateur and professional horse owners—and equine businesses—face on a daily basis. In keeping with my lifelong passion, it seemed only natural to shift my focus to Equine Legal & Business Services.
I’ve also taken on the gratifying work of Legacy, Trusts & Estate Planning—helping you transfer your values, your leadership, your money, and your “things” to your family’s next generation. I enjoy designing comprehensive legacy plans, so I’ve traveled throughout the country learning from leaders in the field, overdosed on virtual education, and joined an exclusive network of top-tier attorneys who employ WealthCounsel’s state-of-the-art drafting software to best serve our clients.
With my soldier’s sense of duty and trained attention to detail, it’s my objective to protect you, your family, your money, and/or your business while you’re alive, pass on more than just your material things when you die, and put you at ease for any eventuality. The pilot in me wants to help you navigate what lies ahead, and there are so many working parts to a legacy plan that need to be synchronizedit’s like flying a helicopteralmost.
  • JAG, US Army Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School

  • Juris Doctor, Vermont Law School

  • Master of Environmental Management, Yale School of the Environment

  • Bachelor of Science, University of New Haven

  •  Virginia

  • Legacy, Trusts & Estates

  • Equine Legal & Business Services

  • International Environmental Human Rights

  • International Water Diplomacy

  • Virginia State Bar

  • WealthCounsel®

  • American Bar Association

    • Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section

    • Equine Law Subcommittee

    • GP Solo Division

  • Association of Yale Alumni

  • Yale Veterans Association 

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