Demand the care you earned.
Receive your medical retirement.
Collect your VA benefits.

The med board and disability evaluation process is a war of attrition designed to exhaust your patience and perseverance.

I went through the Army’s Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) and the VA’s Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) in 2019. If I hadn’t been an officer with three college degrees, I’m not sure I would have been able to advocate for myself enough to prevail with the retirement and disability benefits that I’d earned. The process is incredibly complicated, unnecessarily lengthy, and ultimately designed to wear you down in hopes you might give up. Over the course of the year-long gauntlet, I did almost quit—a few times—because I didn’t have any help. You do.


  • Worked with Carina for "horse stuff" - think contracts, etc. She's very responsive, and makes the process easy and transparent.

    Chase Rowan Avatar
    Chase R.

    Carina has been such a pleasure to work with as we have built and honed our training/boarding business. She is very detail oriented, kind and easy to work with. She has first hand experience in the horse industry which gives her great insight. I have found her suggestions and observations to be very helpful.

    Olivia LaGoy-Weltz Avatar
    Olivia L.

    Carina is an exceptional counselor. We share a professional relationship but she also assisted me with my own military med board claim and counseled me throughout. Her input was invaluable. I would have missed many things without her experience and expertise. She is responsive and professional as well. I highly recommend Carina.

    Jason Morton Avatar
    Jason M.
  • Carina's firm has been integral to understanding the complexities of operating an elite-level boarding and training facility. She has consistently come forward with advice, commentary, and well-cited case law that helps us navigate the complexities of a professional facility. Carina is a rarity in the legal profession both formal and reasonable at the same time she has helped us navigate the grey areas of equestrian operations with confidence, addressing risk and simultaneously minimizing overhead.

    Eliot Danner Avatar
    Eliot D.

    Carina worked tirelessly to ensure my plan was exactly how I wanted it to be for my blended family. If 2020 has shown us nothing else, it's that we don't know what the future will bring and I needed to make sure my children were taken care of personally and financially. Carina made sure of that!

    Frank Tedeschi Avatar
    Frank T.

    Carina has specialized knowledge of the equine industry and has provided me invaluable personal and professional advice. I highly recommend her to any equestrian professional seeking legal guidance. She was an instrumental part of my initial business setup. She carefully prepared my liability release forms and boarding, training, sales, and shipping contracts. Now she's working with me on horse syndication. Her expertise and diligence give me such peace of mind. With her support, I was able to focus on the many other aspects of my new endeavor.

    Lisa Hellmer Avatar
    Lisa H.
  • Carina took wonderful care of me. I had an estate plan already in place, but when COVID-19 hit, I got worried that it wasn't up-to-date—and it WASN'T. Carina dedicated plenty of time to go over my changes and built me a new, comprehensive estate plan, including my will, trusts, powers of attorney, HIPAA releases, etc. Her attention to detail is incredible. She made sure to protect me from every eventuality to ensure my estate is left to my loved ones exactly the way I want it to be.

    Susan Norman Avatar
    Susan N.